Why a kiwi?

Did I always start my mornings with a kiwi? Well, to be honest, my answer is no.

Not until I was 15 would I start my mornings with a piece of fruit, most of the time with a piece of pineapple. Before that, I couldn’t eat any fruit in the mornings because my stomach and taste wouldn’t accept it. Then, when I turned 22 and due to some digestive issues, my nutritionist and doctor recommended me to eat every morning a kiwi, among other things of course!

Nowadays, is the day where I still eating kiwis. Why? because I got used to it and it makes me start better my day. But if I don’t start my day with a kiwi, that day I will feel strange! So, within that, I can consider myself a kiwi lover.

What about you? Have you got any favorite fruit to start with your breakfast routine?

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